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FRA’s Appalachian Region, managed by Rick Meyer, serves FRA members throughout the stretch of mountainous area bordered by Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, and western North Carolina. It focuses on improving timber harvesting and transportation safety, efficiency, and environmental performance. Trucking safety and logging and trucking labor challenges are current issues of concern. The Region conducts a two-day Annual Meeting in the fall.

Contact the FRA Appalachian Region

Rick Meyer, Region Manager
Forest Resources Association
8848 Boones Chapel Road
Boones Mill, VA  24065
[email protected]

Pennsylvania is moving to protect long-eared bats on state lands. As bats in the state continue to recover from the deadly white-nose syndrome, the state is working to conserve the bats on nearly 4 million acres of state-managed lands.
This report constitutes the third full report of annualized inventory on Ohio forest land and summarizes field data collected from 2011 through 2016.

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