FRA’s Southeastern Region serves FRA members throughout the South Atlantic including Georgia, South Carolina, the majority of Florida, Eastern North Carolina, and Eastern Virginia. It focuses on improving timber harvesting and transportation safety, efficiency, and environmental performance. Trucking safety and logging and trucking labor challenges are current issues of concern. The Southeastern Region has a spring and fall meeting each year.

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Mechanic Injured While Changing Dual Tires on Feller-Buncher

Background On a clear and sunny morning in the Southeast Region,...


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Clay Altizer

Southwide Region Manager

34 Duffy Street
Clayton, NC 27527
Ph: (662) 312-7934

States in this Region

  • Eastern North Carolina
  • Eastern Virginia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • South Carolina


Technical Releases

Mass Timber Noise Barrier for Highways

Technical Releases

Firefighter in a Tube

Technical Releases

Rayonier Safety App

Technical Releases

Log Truck Insurance Premiums, Claims, And Safety Practices In The US South

Technical Releases

Do Maintenance Practices Explain Southern Log Truck Crash Rates?

Technical Releases

Inflation And Logging In The South

Safety Alerts

Distracted Log Truck Driver Dies After Tree-Length Load Crushes Cab During Rollover

A log truck driver was traveling on a paved road in…

Safety Alerts

Unsafe Driving Practices Cause Trucking Fatality

Background: On a clear and sunny fall morning in the Southeastern…

Safety Alerts

Employee Injured While Trying to Clear Wood Debris from Conveyor System

An experienced employee working at a forest products manufacturing facility in…

Safety Alerts

Truck Runs Over Deckhand

On a fall morning in the southeastern U.S., an operator finished…

Safety Alerts

Logger Struck by Jackstand Crank

Background On a summer day in the Southeast, a logging company’s…

Safety Alerts

Feller-Buncher Operator Killed While Crossing Temporary Bridge

On a sunny spring afternoon in the Southern U.S., a water…

Carbon Reports

North Carolina

Quick Facts on Forest Carbon in North Carolina

Carbon Reports


Quick Facts on Forest Carbon in the Southeastern Region

Carbon Reports

South Carolina

Quick Facts on Forest Carbon in South Carolina

Carbon Reports


Quick Facts on Forest Carbon in Virginia

Carbon Reports


Quick Facts on Forest Carbon in Georgia Georgia has 24.6 million…

Carbon Reports


Quick Facts on Forest Carbon in Florida Florida has 17.3 million…


Southern Loggers Cooperative, 2004-2019


Forest Industry 2021: Supply and Demand in the South


Differences in PNW and US South Timber Procurement


Safety and Efficiency of State-Legal Log Trucks on Interstate Highways in Eight Wood Baskets in the US South


Forestry in Florida


The Power of Group Buying: How Southern Loggers Cooperative Helps Suppliers Manage Costs

Safety Training Technology

Taking Your Safety Culture to the Next Level

In an industry as dangerous as forestry, fostering a strong safety…

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Navigating The Challenges Of Florida’s Timber Industry

It is clear the forestry industry relies on all aspects in…

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Labor Logging Markets

PATHH Program Shows Impacts of Pandemic on Logging Sector

In December 2020, the final spending bill provided discretionary funding of…

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