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After being postponed for over a year due to COVID restrictions, the FRA Northeast Region resumed the Forest Forum, a monthly dinner meeting that brings together the entire forest industry supply chain. Held on the first Thursday of each month near Bangor, Maine, the Forest Forum is an opportunity for loggers, foresters, wood-using industries, and others to connect, share a meal, and get informed on the latest issues facing the forest industry.
When I sat down to write this blog for FRA, I thought about all the experiences I’ve had and all the roles I’ve filled in my +15 years in the Forest Industry.  I’ve been a Landowner Assistance Intern, a Development Candidate, a Harvesting Administrator, a Silviculture Forester, a Harvest Planner, a Wood Flow Manager, and now a District Manager.  But while my titles have changed over the years, a few things have remained constant: I am a Forester, and I am a woman.  
During the most recent monthly Zoom meeting with the Workforce Connections Advisory Committee, we discussed some potential future projects on which to focus. Four items came up:
  • Collaborate with SFI / Project Learning Tree to better promote the Green Jobs Initiative and Thru the Trees video contest.
    • FRA is working with Jessica Kaknevicius (SFI) to consider a partnership where Thru the Trees could offer (at a discounted rate) a Green Jobs online course, including e-book, to high school teachers. The partnership could go a long way in promoting both organizations and opportunities to explore careers in the forest products industry to a broader audience.
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