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Forest Resources Association identifies solutions through legislation that will address transportation challenges, including inefficiencies, safety, and labor shortages.

The forest products value chain is critically dependent on trucks to move raw materials from the woods to the mill, and to the end consumer.

Our sector is facing challenges on two fronts: Inefficiencies in truck trip movements due to outdated gross vehicle weight restrictions and a shortage of qualified truck drivers.

Our proposed solutions fall into these two categories of truck weight reform and workforce development.

Weight Reform

Why the Safe Routes Act is critical to truck weight reform

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Workforce Development

Why the DRIVE-Safe Act matters and information on Women in Trucking

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Trucking Safety

FRA shares an important video helping you improve Trucking Safety.

Trucking Safety Video
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Forest Resources Association’s efforts in 2023 to provide an effective member voice in Washington, DC, were multifaceted and targeted our key legislative and regulatory priorities.

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Technical Releases

Do Maintenance Practices Explain Southern Log Truck Crash Rates?

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Improving Safety When Hauling Timber on Federal Interstate Highways

Professional truck drivers work in one of the nation’s most demanding…

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Do Higher Weight Limits Raise Log Truck Crash Risk?

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Crash Data Analysis for Vermont and Maine

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Drug & Alcohol Consortium vs. Clearinghouse Confusion

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Access to Interstate Highways Would Improve Timber Transportation in the US South

Safety Alerts

Log Truck Driver Dies When Struck by Logs Being Loaded on Trailer

On a fall day in the Pacific Northwest, a log truck…

Safety Alerts

Unsafe Driving Practices Cause Trucking Fatality

Background: On a clear and sunny fall morning in the Southeastern…

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Truck Runs Over Deckhand

On a fall morning in the southeastern U.S., an operator finished…

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Unsafe Procedures were used for Loading Skidder on Trailer

On a Friday evening in the Appalachians, a logging business owner…

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Train Smashes into Compost Spreader Truck

On a summer morning in the eastern U.S., a compost spreader…

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Truck Tire Explodes During Inflation

On a warm, sunny, winter day in the Appalachians, a log…


2023 FRA Lakes States Region Fall Meeting Presentations


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PNW Transportation Issues


Drivers Wanted – Using Data to Understand the Commercial Truck Driver Shortage


Maximizing Trucking Efforts Part 1


Maximizing Trucking Efforts Panel Part 2

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