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Labor Northeast Workforce

Part of the Workforce Challenge is a Demographic Challenge

Across the country, the forest products industry is facing labor challenges...

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Lake States Workforce

Help Wanted, Now Hiring: Workforce Shortages in the Forest Products Industry

HELP WANTED, NOW HIRING. These are familiar refrains across the country...

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Forest Management National Technology Training

FRA’s Focus on Effective Technical Writing and Knowledge Sharing

FRA emphasizes the critical role of sharing information and technical concepts...

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Summary of Business – FRA 2023 Appalachian Region Fall Meeting

Last week, FRA held its 2023 Appalachian Region Fall Meeting in...

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Lake States

Summary of Business – FRA 2023 Lake States Region Fall Meeting

The FRA 2023 Lake States Region Fall Meeting “Moving Forestry Forward”...

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Forest Management

The Enduring Legacy of Forest Products in America

In celebration of National Forest Products Week, this edition of Woods...

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Forest Management Labor Markets Northeast Workforce

Forests Are an Economic Engine

Forests are an economic engine for rural America and have the...

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Summary of Business – FRA 2023 Legislative Fly-In and Fall Meeting

Last week, FRA held its biennial legislative fly-in, with members from...

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University Series

The Role of Technical and Associate Degrees in Today’s Job Marketplace

Following the 2008-2009 recession, companies across the U.S. felt the impact...

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