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Forest Resources Association advocates for pro-forestry products policies that create jobs, sustain forest resources, and meet the needs of the wood fiber supply chain through private enterprise.

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Forest Resources Association provides the most up to date knowledge on industry best practices, technical expertise, safety, and supply chain effectiveness.

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Forest Resources Association offers access to an expansive network of forestry supply chain companies, consultants, associations and the latest resources, safety guidelines, and industry best practices.

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Forest Resources Association’s Workforce Connection Initiative is addressing workforce challenges in the forest products industry.

We Advocate for You

Forest Resources Association develops and implements means to defend and enhance the wood supply chain’s operating environment. We advocate for pro-forestry products policies that create jobs, sustain forest resources, and meet the needs of the wood fiber supply chain. FRA promotes the public policy interests of the forest products industry’s supply chain on Capitol Hill as a grassroots advocacy organization.

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Region Structure

Forest Resources Association’s Regions deliver programs and services focusing on improving the safety, productivity, efficiency, and profit opportunities for all segments of the supply chain, from the woods to the woodyard.

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FRA Member Map

Resources to be Unlocked

Forest Resources Association works with its members to develop relevant and timely resources that promote safety, improve skills, elevate technical and operational expertise, identify workforce issues and solutions, and establish leadership development programs.

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Membership Types

Industry Consumer members consume wood fiber, including biomass that is manufactured into other products or consumed for energy.

Sawmill members are sawmills, independent of a manufacturing company.

Chip Mill members are chip mills, independent of a manufacturing company.

Land Consultants / Managers primarily manage the forests, but do not perform financial management.

Landowners own commercial timberland, includes REITs.

Timber Investment Management Organizations provide land management and financial management for institutional money.

Industry Supplier members harvest, sell, transport, or handle wood fiber or woody biomass in the United States.

A company that is a manufacturer, dealer, distributor or provider of equipment or services used by the forest products industry.

Any person or firm is eligible for Consultant membership if he or she engages as a provider of consulting services used by the forest products industry in the United States.

Any firm is eligible for Supplier membership if it is in business as an independent supplier of wood fiber, wood fiber harvesting, or wood fiber transportation services.

All companies engaged as consumers of wood fiber or woody biomass which is manufactured into other products in plants or related manufacturing operations outside the U.S. are eligible.

All associations that are affiliated with the forest products industry are eligible for Association membership.

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