FRA Quarterly Resources- Safety Alerts and Spotlights on Safety

Safety Alert RTV illustration

FRA is dedicated to supporting our industry’s commitment to Safety. The FRA Safety Alert is a widely sought-after publication of our membership. This year, we also introduced a new resource, the Spotlight on Safety, which highlights general best safety practices within the wood supply chain.

FRA Safety Alert’s primary objective is to raise awareness about potential hazards through the depiction of real incidents. Each Safety Alert delves into a specific injury or near miss, analyzing its causes and proposing preventive measures. By sharing knowledge of actual accidents, we aim to mitigate future occurrences, safeguarding against injuries and fatalities.

To maintain confidentiality, we refrain from including specific details such as names, dates, or locations of incidents. Any information gathered or provided by FRA employees remains strictly confidential, with incident sketches utilized in lieu of photographs.

Safety Alerts adhere to the Heinrich/Lateiner accident analysis method, encompassing the following key components:

  • Background: Contextualizing the incident, including activities, time of day, weather conditions, and geographic location.
  • Personal Characteristics: Describing involved individuals, their experience, job roles, training, and use of personal protective equipment.
  • Unsafe Act or Condition: Identifying actions or conditions contributing to the accident.
  • Accident: Detailing the sequence of events.
  • Injury: Outlining the extent of injuries, medical treatment, property damage, and associated costs.
  • Recommendations for Correction: Providing actionable steps to rectify the situation and prevent future incidents.

The FRA Spotlight on Safety is a dedicated resource for our members that highlights and disseminates general best safety practices. Committed to fostering a culture of safety, this resource offers insights into key safety protocols and procedures applicable across various forestry operations. Covering topics such as safe equipment operation, hazard identification and control, and emergency preparedness, the Spotlight on Safety strives to equip industry professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to prioritize safety in their daily endeavors.

FRA publishes new Safety Alerts and Spotlights on Safety quarterly and encourages collaboration in enhancing safety within the forest products industry. If you’re aware of an incident, we invite you to contribute to a Safety Alert by contacting an FRA Region Manager/Coordinator. Your commitment to safety is deeply valued by forestry workers nationwide!

To view our Safety Alerts and Spotlights on Safety, visit our Resources section of the website.