About the Forest Resources Association

Who We Are from Forest Resources Association

The Forest Resources Association represents the interests of nearly 300 organizations and businesses in the forest products industry. Our members range from loggers, mills, equipment manufacturers, local forestry associations to large corporations. They all share common interests- they rely on the Forest Resources Association to promote the public policy interests of the forest products industry’s supply chain on Capitol Hill and our work to advance operation efficiencies, supply chain relations and technical advancement. Both interests work towards the common goal to make all sectors in the supply chain competitive.

Advocacy - We advocate for pro-forestry products policies that create jobs, sustain forest resources, and meet the needs of the wood fiber supply chain through private enterprise. Learn More about our Advocacy.

Community - We offer access to an expansive network of forestry supply chain companies, consultants, associations and the latest resources, safety guidelines, and industry best practices.

Leadership - Our highly regarded team of officers, executive committee members, advocates, and regional experts advance the forestry supply chains interests. Meet our Advocacy Leaders.

History - For over 80 years, FRA has advanced pro-forestry supply chain initiatives in Washington and beyond.