2024 Member Spotlight

Western Trailers: Innovation in Forest Products


Trucking is a backbone of the forest products industry, moving logs from deep in the woods to mills, and getting finished goods like lumber and paper out to stores and customers. It’s super flexible and can reach places other transport can’t, especially in rural areas. Plus, trucking keeps a lot of people employed and connects with rail, ships, and planes for longer hauls. Simply put, without trucks, the forest products supply chain would come to a grinding halt. That’s why for my region’s Member Spotlight, I’ve asked Denae Rees to share a little bit about Western Trailers and their company culture and highlight some of their innovative products.” – Lindsay Warness WR Manager.

Western Trailers’ guiding philosophy, “lightweight pays,” formed the reputation that has been built on quality, innovation, and service. With a focus on versatility, durability, and strength, our trailer models help tackle any job. The trailers are built and improved through ongoing product specifications, performance data, and, most importantly, input from our valued customers. Let us show you how “lightweight” pays.

Forest Trailers Innovation 

Western Trailers has been manufacturing Forest trailers for 40 years. Our trailers have hauled virtually everything and everywhere. This is why we ensure that our trailers are expertly engineered from the wheels up. We are continuously expanding and are always striving to make technological improvements at our facilities to offer our customers the best products and services available in the industry. This attention to detail is your assurance of an extended service life and minimized maintenance.

High Cube Chip®

We have become known for pioneering innovations that benefit those who haul wood by-products for a living. Nowhere is this more evident than in Western’s line of High Cube Chip® Trailers, first introduced in the 1980s. Specifically engineered for the forest products industry, Western’s High Cube Chip® Trailers, like everything we build, give you the optimum combination of durability, maximum volume, and lightweight. Western offers lightweight High Cube Chip® Trailers in a variety of lengths, capacities, and axle configurations to match the requirements of any wood by-product haul, including models with exterior posts for ease of unloading and models with interior posts for maximum volume and aerodynamics.

Express Floor® Wood Products

With Western Trailers’ innovation and the forest industry evolving, our forest products line grew to introduce the Express Floor® Wood Products. Western’s Express Floor® Wood Products trailer offers the latest evolution in technology. We use systems from both major floor system manufacturers; our standard floor slat is 3/16” thick, with ¼” floor slats being optional. The Express Floor® Wood Products is anchored to a unitized, high-tensile steel frame, creating a strong, lightweight foundation. Western’s Express Floor® Wood Products trailer is designed to let you load and haul more chips, sawdust, and other wood residuals.

Super Van® Open Top

Western Trailers’ Super Vans® durability is achieved through a combination of high-strength steel where it counts most, and the use of weight-saving, high-strength aluminum wherever possible. We build the complete package so, from top to bottom, it’s Western quality all the way through.

Built on our signature Elite® flatbed, Super Vans® provides the lightweight you want and the ruggedness you need. Available in a variety of lengths, payload capacities, and axle configurations, our Super Vans® are engineered to meet your specific needs. To protect and prevent any water intrusion, each trailer is constructed with aluminum alloy to support the waterproof, high-strength polyester side curtains. Each side curtain is made from cross-linked, urethane-coated polyester and constructed in a continuous sheet for maximum strength. 

In 1983, Western built the first Super Van® Open Top. This innovation allowed wood chips to be hauled one way and lumber to be hauled the other way. These trailers are the most efficient way to move lumber and wood chips. Like all Western Trailers, the Super Van® Open Top is a product of our continuous improvement process. 

When one invests in a Super Van® Open Top, they get the best of both worlds. They are able to haul wood chips one way and lumber the other way. This ensures that one will not have to haul the trailer empty one way. 

When converting to lumber hauling, release the four safety straps located in the front, center, and rear of the trailer. Then, return to the front of the trailer and roll the curtain to the top. Once the tarp is at the top, load lumber; after the trailer is loaded, strap down the lumber using the winches that are used to tie down the curtains. These trailers are set up to tie down winch to winch, straps do not require d-rings, flat hooks, or sewn loops. Side winches are used to tie the curtains down, minimizing curtain bulging and securing the load when hauling building materials.

For bulk hauling, roll the curtains down to approximately 6” above the deck, starting at the front tread. Loop the inside front strap through the winch, keeping the outer safety strap out of the winch at this time. Thread all remaining straps through the winches except for the safety straps. Make sure all the winch pawls are in the down position, roll the curtain down and under the outer rail, and check the pawls again to make sure they are in the down or engaged position. Once the curtain is locked down, begin the curtain strap-tightening process. The top tarp works like any other top tarp, strap down and go.

Western Trailers’ Super Van® Open Top is the trailer that provides versatility and maximizes your time and payload, while accommodating all of you hauling needs. Why not gain the best of both world and invest in your company. 

Trust In Western Trailers

Regardless of the trailer, let Western Trailers’ 50-plus years in the forest industry and our experience dating back to 1969 be the reason you come to us for all your trailer needs. Our goal is to maximize your total package to ensure and provide an optimum lightweight payload. With innovations that let you deliver larger payloads and increase profits during a long working life while retaining the highest resale value in the industry, you can trust Western Trailers—the trailer manufacturer that proves how lightweight pays. 

If you want to learn more about Western Trailers, visit www.westerntrailer.com or call 888-344-2539.