FRA Meetings Matter


Over the years, I have attended many FRA regional and national meetings. In fact, I was planning such meetings in the South a couple of years ago when I was working for FRA. I can’t remember a single meeting where I left disappointed with the experience.

We all have different reasons for attending. Personally, I have always considered networking opportunities to be the highest value for me. Sometimes, it’s one particular presentation of high interest and other times, multiple sessions draw in attendees. For many, there is important work with the national and regional committees trying to make a difference in improving our supply chain. It all has value.

Before a meeting, I review the agenda and circle the interesting presentations I want to attend. Typically, sessions on markets and the supply chain interest me the most. During past meetings I’ve attended, we’ve always had excellent presentations exploring those topics, as well as data on the forest resources of different states, regional and global markets, technology solutions, potential benefits of hauling state-legal weights on the interstate, and forest industry workforce recruitment and development initiatives to name a few. In several meetings, panels of experts provide their input by discussing subjects such as the status of the logging sector, trucking issues, northern long-eared bat reclassification, and forests and carbon. Being impressed by the quality and relevance of the subject matter, I usually sit in on all the presentations.

The last Lake States Region Meeting covered crucial topics such as bat research in the Upper Midwest, trends in carbon stocks and transfers on forestland in the U.S., and forest wildlife research, all of which can impact our industry’s supply/demand balance. All of the meeting sessions were exceptionally informative and relevant.

As I drove back to the airport from this last meeting, I realized that every presentation covered issues impacting our businesses today and in the future. FRA meetings are an excellent opportunity to stay informed. You need to attend, and you will always learn something. Additionally, we need to encourage our employees in the earlier stages of their careers to participate. These meetings are an essential opportunity for our Emerging Leaders to get exposed to the ever-changing “big picture,” as there is a good chance it will matter at some point in their career. And don’t forget the networking opportunities.

And if anyone wants to talk bats, give me a call.

This Woods To Mill was originally published on November 17, 2022.