FRA Has a Wide Reach

FRA Member Map graphic of the US

FRA has a large and diverse membership throughout the United States and is the only national trade association that represents the entire wood supply chain from the woods to the mill. Our members include logging businesses, timber haulers, pulp and paper mills, biomass/bioenergy companies, engineered wood producers, and allied businesses. This network and membership are truly representative of the wood supply chain.

FRA recently partnered with Forest2Market to develop a map that displays the locations of our membership base. The map shown below is the final product. Our new map also demonstrates FRA’s tremendous grassroots potential: FRA members have a presence in 49 states and 377 Congressional districts. FRA will be asking our membership, from time to time, to weigh in and request support from their members of Congress as we work to advance our policy issues.

The FRA membership map shows primary facilities that directly connect the woods to the mill supply chain. These facilities include consuming mills that manufacture products directly from harvested logs, pulpwood, chips, and biomass. Secondary facilities are those managed by FRA members that utilize the products produced by the primary facilities to manufacture value-added products and are also shown.

A picture is worth a thousand words. FRA’s new map tells a story of our association’s membership and the entire forest products industry. The South, the Appalachians, the Pacific Northwest, the Upper Midwest, and the upper Northeast are the major private U.S. wood production locations.

This new map also supports FRA in our lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill. It is essential that we leverage our vast presence throughout the country so that FRA can work effectively to continue to promote our members’ interests in Washington, DC. Our membership reach includes a substantial presence in the states of Georgia, Idaho, Maine, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania. Thirty states have more than 10 FRA member companies, and 309 congressional districts have more than one FRA member company.

This extensive presence allows FRA to better connect with these states’ Senators as we advance FRA issues. Similarly, the table below indicates the Congressional districts where many FRA members are located. When we meet with these Members of Congress, it is valuable to point out the significant FRA presence in their district. This knowledge will help FRA better promote our critical policy issues of transportation, labor, biomass, and others.

Table 1. Congressional Districts with the most FRA members.
Table 1. Congressional Districts with the most FRA members.

FRA is proud of our new map. It is a powerful tool that shows the breadth and importance of the forest products industry in the United States.