A Safety Record Keeping Resource for the Forest Products Industry

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The Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation has partnered with Safety Meeting App to provide FRA members with a convenient mobile safety resource: the THATS Safety Meeting App. If you are not familiar with the app already, it can provide valuable training and documentation services to any size forestry company and features the ability to add an unlimited amount of employees, meetings, incidents, and checklists right in the palm of your hand. The app eliminates the need to carry around bulky binders and file paperwork at the office. The Safety Meeting App makes keeping up with incidents or documentation in the field simple and makes it easy to train field or remote workers.

Hosting a Safety Meeting

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The THATS Safety Meeting App allows you to document a safety meeting of any type in one centralized location. One of the great benefits of the app is that it provides you easy access to all of FRA’s Safety Alerts and features the ability to use those as the basis of your safety meeting.

We often hear from our members that FRA’s Safety Alerts are some of our most valued resources. Safety Alerts are short documents that detail an accident that occurred in the forest products industry and offer background information on the incident, an explanation of the unsafe act and conditions in play, a review of the accident itself, and recommendations for corrections to avoid similar incidents in the future. Safety Alerts are great resources to use if you are going to be hosting a safety meeting out in the field or the office. The detail provided can be used as a learning tool for all forest product industry employees. The THATS Safety Meeting App hosts all FRA’s Safety Alerts and allows you the opportunity to use each as a safety meeting.

In addition to Safety Alerts, the app provides the opportunity to host a meeting on a variety of different topics, including construction, carpentry, plumbing, farming, utilities, waste management, and many more. Last year, Safety Meeting App added COVID-19 related topics to ensure employees in various industries could stay safe during the pandemic. You can also create your own meetings on any topic relevant to your organization.

Safety Record Keeping Resource

 THATS Safety Meeting App

The THATS Safety Meeting App allows you to document incidents right when they occur. The incident page enables users to input the details of various safety incidents that take place at your company. It is convenient to have a record of all incidents in one location and easily accessible on your phone. The app allows incident reports to be generated quickly and accurately and provides a resource for companies to prevent incidents from reoccurring.

FRA Members on the App

FRA members have found the THATS Safety Meeting App an incredibly useful resource:

“The THATS Foundation is focused on promoting safety in timber harvesting and transportation and it is exciting to have an app that is customized especially for this industry.” – Carrie Bovender, Grand Forest, Inc., and Chair of the THATS Foundation

“The reason I promote THATS is due to its focus on the timber harvesting and timber transport industry, and I stress the importance in maintaining monthly training “with” required documentation. There are many benefits to this app and I hope that it will provide a better solution and control for my insureds in their record keeping.” – Gregory Tatum, BITCO

“We are using it weekly. We have been really pleased with all of it. The record keeping is a great tool. We have the meeting, then record who was there and what we talked about. Then we email the result to our team member that keeps all of those records. Also we occasionally come up with our own topics and are able to record what we discussed in the notes part. It seems to be a really handy app.” – Richard Schwab, M.A. Rigoni Inc.

If you are interested in giving the THATS Safety Meeting App a try, please contact me at [email protected], and we can get you set up and ready to go. The THATS Foundation has complimentary annual memberships available on a first-come basis, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.