Give the Gift of Safety this Holiday Season

timber harvesting safety manual cover

Looking for a holiday gift for your logging contractors or employees? FRA has a wide range of invaluable logging industry and safety-oriented products available for purchase.

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FRA Wood Supply Chain Schematic
FRA has developed a schematic that will help people understand and visualize the wood supply chain that is captured in those three simple words “woods to mill.” The uses of this schematic are many, including to assist in discussions with policymakers, the orientation of new employees, briefing of customers, woods and mill tours, and informing educators, to name just a few.

wood supply chain schematic

Available to purchase in booklets of 50 tear-out pages for training and educational purposes.

Booklet price is $40.00 for FRA members and $65.00 for non-members.

FRA Timber Harvesting Safety Manual (17-A-1)
This well-known resource is an ideal reference guide for loggers and makes an excellent general safety manual for logger training and education programs. Additionally, logging contractors may use the material for their in-house loss control programs. Some loggers have incorporated the FRA Timber Harvesting Safety Manual into their written safety compliance policy for their logging and log trucking employees.

The 71-page manual comprehensively covers logging safety issues under the following headings:

timber harvesting safety manual cover graphic
  • General Rules of Safety
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guidelines
  • Safety Guidelines for Hand Tools
  • Safety Guidelines for Chain Saw Operations
  • Safety Guidelines for Woods Equipment Operations
  • General Operational Safety and Loss Control Guidelines
  • Safety in Transportation
  • Accident Investigations
  • Hazard Communications Program
  • Lockout-Tagout Guidelines
  • Emergency Care
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
  • OSHA Information

Manual price is $7.00 for FRA members and $14.00 for non-members.

Ordering large quantities? Contact FRA’s national office for pricing information.

chip quality manual cover graphic

FRA’s Western Region recently revised the guide ‘Chip Quality Manual – Quality Chips Make a Difference.’ This 3rd edition is a comprehensive summary of chip production, including chip quality, debarking, chipping, screening and conveying, and troubleshooting. New enhancements and additions include updated information on debarking, screening and chipper/canter systems. This guide has been of great value to our members over the years and is developed to support all those involved in the production and consumption of chips.

The manual is produced as a small pocket guide and is also available as a PDF for training purposes. Along with the manual, the pocket-sized chip gauge allows for quick evaluation of chip size.

FRA Members

  • Pocket Manual and chip gauge – $15
  • Pocket Manual only – $12
  • Chip gauge only – $12
  • *PDF – Single copy – $10 (Single copy complimentary with orders of 10 or more combinations)


  • Pocket Manual and chip gauge – $30
  • Pocket Manual only – $25
  • Chip gauge only – $25
  • *PDF – Single copy – $20 (Single copy complimentary with orders of 10 or more combinations)


FRA has a variety of safety-oriented DVDs available covering a range of topics. Please click the button below to purchase any of the DVDs listed below and be sure to login to receive reduced member pricing.

  • Power Line Safety and Additional Topics
  • Coaching the Professional Skidder Operator
  • Coaching the Professional Chainsaw Operator
  • Be Seen, Be Safe, Be Alive
  • In the Company of Trucks
  • Fire Safety
  • OSHA Logging Safety Training
  • Wood Chipper/Grinder Safety
  • Storm Damage and Salvage Safety
  • Improving Log Trucking Profitability Workshop
  • Log Loader Safety for Log Truck Operators
  • Load Securement for Logs
  • Skidder Safety and Efficiency
  • Northern Forestry Aesthetics Workshop
  • Timber Harvesting Deck Safety
  • Wood Fiber Supply Chain Relationships Workshop
  • Wood Roads Safety
  • Coaching the Professional Logger
  • Hazardous Chemical Spill Prevention & Control for Logging Operations
  • Cutting Edge of Safety
  • Forestry Aesthetics
  • Knuckleboom Loader Safety for Loggers
  • Best Management Practices for Professional Loggers
  • FRA Woodyard Safety

Note: please contact FRA’s national office if you are interested in purchasing online versions of any of the DVDs above.