July 2023

Technical Releases & Safety Alerts


Technical Releases

23-R-12 The Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop
23-R-13 Vermont AMP App- New Technology in Vermont’s Forest Operations
23-R-14 Vermont Forest Economy Career Guide

23-R-15 Monitoring Work Activities of Equipment During Forest Operations Using Smartphones and Activity Recognition
23-R-16 BLM Administrative Protest Process: Elimination Rule & Litigation
23-R-17 NEPA Amendments May Improve Permitting Process for Federal Timber Sales and Other Projects
23-R-18 Assessing Impacts to Logging Business: A Case Study Using Producer Price Indexes to Estimate Increased
Costs for the Period of 2018 (Pre-Pandemic) to 2023 (Post-Pandemic)

23-R-19 Woodshed Maps for Industry, Extension, and Woodland Owners in the Great Lakes States
23-R-20 Hosting a Visit from a Member of Congress
23-R-21 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Monitoring Forestry Best Management Practices in the Coastal Plain of the Southeastern U.S.

Safety Alerts

23-S-06 Motor Grader Operator Injured While Replacing Cutting Blades
23-S-07 Truck Driver Injured by Improperly Secured Load
23-S-08 Discharged Board Fractures Lumber Grader’s Eye Socket
23-S-09 Emergency Action Plans