Ice Causes Truck Operator To Fall



On a winter day in the Lake States Region an employee of a logging company was showing the truck operator how to secure a loader on a low-boy trailer. The conditions were wintery with snow and ice present.

Personal Characteristics

The male employee involved in the incident was a 58-year-old trucking supervisor for the logging company.

Unsafe Condition

Snow and ice made for slippery conditions on the site. Ice had accumulated on the equipment. The employee involved in the accident failed to have proper footwear with non-slip soles for the icy conditions.


While climbing up on to the loader the employee slipped, fell forward, and banged his ribs. Even though the employee was using three points of contact when climbing on to the equipment, icy conditions caused his feet slide out from under his body causing the fall.


The employee was taken to the doctor and an x-ray was taken of his ribs. The employee suffered bruised ribs.

Recommendations for Corrections

  • Maintain 3-points of contact when climbing on to equipment.
  • Tap your foot on potentially icy areas to see if they are slippery.
  • Wear appropriate footwear for the conditions present.
  • Pay close attention to weather conditions.
  • Proceed slowly while climbing.
  • Do not carry items in your hands.
  • Remember ice and snow mean “take it slow!”