2024 Q1 FRA Resources


FRA enhances overall operations and communications across the wood supply chain by publishing quarterly Technical Releases (TRs), Safety Alerts (SAs), and Spotlights on Safety (SOS).

Technical Releases (TRs) provide information about technical advancements, research, and programs in the forest industry.

Safety Alerts (SAs) provide information on safety incidents and recommendations for avoiding the actions that led to the unsafe event.

This year, FRA introduces our Spotlight on Safety (SOS), which promotes best safety practices within the wood supply chain.  

FRA members can access all our resources through the website’s Resources tab. For any login-related issues, please contact Vanessa Connelly at [email protected].  We would like to hear from you if you have an idea for any of FRA’s Quarterly Resources. Please contact your Region Manager.

24-TR- 01 New App Tracks Harvested Wood Products in the US Northeast

24-TR- 02 National Forest Operations Training Coalition (NFOTC)

24-TR- 03 Lake States Region National Forests Timber Program and Metrics 

24-TR- 04 Modeling Above-Ground Carbon Dynamics Under Different Silvicultural Treatments on the McDonald-Dunn Research Forest 

24-TR- 05 The Revised PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standard and What It Means For Your Facility

24-TR- 06 Washington State Voter Perception of Forest Management 

24-TR- 07 The Forestry Accelerator Program

24-TR- 08 The Northern Logger App

24-TR- 09 New ForestryWorks® Truck Driver Recruitment Program Keeps Professional Drivers Home at Night

24-TR- 10 Mobile Fuel and Service Trailer Provides Safe and Efficient Strategy to In-Woods Fueling

24-SA- 01 Forester Dislocates Elbow in Fall

24-SA- 02 Forester Gets Puncture Wound in Fall

24-SA- 03 Instructor Injured During Chainsaw Safety Training Workshop

24-SOS- 01 Getting it Right Before Things Go Wrong: An Introduction to Human and Organizational Performance

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Communications and Marketing Manager

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