FRA provides an effective member voice in Washington, D.C., defending against threatening legislation and regulation while advancing public policies that support industry sustainability.

FRA’s Strategic Plan identifies several key public policy priorities for its advocacy on behalf of the forest products industry we serve. Our multi-faceted efforts in 2022 targeted those legislative and regulatory priorities.  

H-2B Guest Worker Visas

Workforce man walking through field

FY2022 set another record year as overall demand increased nearly 20 percent over the fiscal year 2021. In addition, the first half of visas for FY2022, which most forestry visas requested, was hit sooner than any other year since the visa program was enacted. This left many employers of H-2B forestry without the required number of employees to meet forestry work demands. Some actions FRA took to improve the near-term situation are as follows:

Carbon Neutrality of Forest-Based Biomass

Forest Derived Biomass

Transportation Research


Washington DC Capitol Building

Federal Lands

Inflation Reduction Act

FRA was active in successfully defeating many of the proposed revenue raisers in the Build Back Better legislation – the precursor to the Inflation Reduction Act – that passed the House, which would have negatively impacted medium-sized businesses. These proposed revenue raisers included eliminating stepped-up basis, which is a provision in the tax code that allows the basis (or initial value) of an asset to be reset to its fair market value upon inheritance, thus eliminating capital gains tax owed as assets are passed from generation to generation. There were a number of other proposed taxes that would have negatively affected S-Corporations, which FRA successfully opposed.  


FRA was asked to participate in two roundtables to discuss forestry issues hosted by the Congressional Western Caucus and House Natural Resources Ranking Member, Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-AR-4). FRA presented a comprehensive report of issues affecting the wood supply chain.

World Forestry Center Conference

FRA organized and participated on a panel at the World Forestry Center Conference: “Who Will Own the Forest?” The FRA panel presented information on the supply chain challenges of the forest products industry. 

FRA looks forward to working with the 118th Congress to advance our member’s policy priorities and advocate for our policy initiatives in 2023.

FRA Priorities for the 118th Congress