Supplier – Consumer Workshops Help Manage Costs, Build Relationships


For a mill, some of the most important relationships are with the people that supply wood to the facility. As more than one mill has proven, it is very hard to run when you don’t have raw materials to operate.

For suppliers, mills are the customer. Having healthy and stable customers allows investments in the long term for new equipment, worker training and sustainable forest management.

Since its inception, the Forest Resources Association has worked to bring mills and their suppliers (logger, truckers and landowners) together for mutual benefit. These parties rely upon one another for success, and building and improving relationships can provide an efficient and stable wood supply for the mill and a consistent customer for suppliers.

FRA has conducted over 200 Supplier-Consumer Relations Workshops, a unique and powerful tool that helps a mill connect with suppliers, identify issues and improve efficiency. Facilitated by FRA staff, these workshops help find issues and solutions unique to each facility.

Below is a recent webinar that highlights these workshops, explains how they work and provides member feedback on why these events can be so powerful in building strong consumer-supplier relationships. Please take a few minutes to learn how this tool can benefit you and your business.

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Last modified on Friday, 15 September 2017 14:58