FRA Announces the 3rd Edition of the Chip Quality Manual - Quality Chips Make a Difference


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FRA's Western Region recently completed revisions to the Chip Quality Manual - Quality Chips Make a Difference. First published in 1998, back in American Pulpwood Association days, with a second edition in 2005, this 3rd edition is a comprehensive guide covering all aspects of chip production, including chip quality, debarking, chipping, screening and conveying, and troubleshooting. 

Wood chips are the largest single raw material cost for pulp, pellet, and engineered wood mills. Chip quality has a huge impact on the value of finished products and mill profitability. Addressing chip quality throughout the supply chain benefits both chip producers and consuming mills.

Chip quality greatly affects the pulping process, both in pulp yield and quality. Engineered wood (particleboard, etc.) and pellet mills also rely on quality raw material inputs for their products. Though this manual focuses on pulp and paper, the same principles and practices apply to those who produce and consume chips for those products.

Chip producers benefit from increased productivity and additional revenues from a higher percentage of acceptable chips, plus a stronger relationship with their chip consuming customers.

The manual addresses:

  • Chip Size and Distribution
  • Contamination
  • Wood Freshness
  • Achieving & Maintaining Chip Quality
  • Debarkers
  • Chippers
  • Screens
  • Conveying Systems         
  • Chipper Maintenance Check List
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • What Is Chip Quality Worth to You?
  • Glossary of Terms

New enhancements and additions include updated information on debarking, screening, and chipper/canter systems. The contents of the manual have proven to be of high value and very beneficial to industry professionals, targeted to support all who are involved in the production and consumption of chips.

The manual is produced as a small pocket guide and is also available in .pdf format. Along with the manual, the pocket-sized chip gauge allows for quick evaluation of chip size. 

Click here to order the manual and chip gauge.

FRA Members

  • Pocket Manual and chip gauge – $15
  • Pocket Manual only – $12
  • Chip gauge only – $12
  • *PDF – Single copy – $10 (Single copy complimentary with orders of 10 or more combos)


  • Pocket Manual and chip gauge – $30
  • Pocket Manual only – $25
  • Chip gauge only – $25
  • *PDF – Single copy – $20 (Single copy complimentary with orders of 10 or more combos)

10% discount for orders of 10 or more combos (pocket manual and gauge)

*Please contact Vickie Swanton (906.282.6752) to discuss purchasing unrestricted .pdf for training purposes.
Tuesday, 10 November 2020 18:02
Vickie Swanton | Western Region Manager

Vickie serves as the region manager for the Pacific Northwest