FRA Western Region Spring Meeting | Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia | May 15-17, 2018

The Western Region of FRA has a solid tradition of offering two regional meetings each year. The spring event took place recently in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia.

A total of fourteen speakers discussed topics of interest ranging from The Impacts of Wildfires and Coastal BC Fibre Summary to the implications of the #MeToo movement on the workforce of today. The meeting theme of “Forest Resources – Innovations Shaping our Future” was covered exceptionally well during a drone panel when three speakers presented their experience in the use of drones in different areas of the forest industry: Forestry/Land Use, Ag/Mulch Use, and Logging Use.

Detailed Program
Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Activity Day
Ice Breaker Reception

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Technical Seminar
      • Deb Hawkinson (Forest Resources Association) – FRA National Update
Forestry/Biomass/Environmental Sub Committee, Moderator: John Northey, Harbor Timber
      • Albert Nussbaum (BC Ministry of Forestry) – Impacts of Wildfires and BC Spruce Beetle Update
Transportation Sub Committee, Moderator: Brad Markin, SUTCO
      • Dave Earle (BC Trucking Association) – BC Driver Shortage
      • Dale Lemmons (Interstate Wood Products) – US Perspective on Electronic Logging Device Usage
      • Brad Markin (Sutco) – Canadian Perspective on Electronic Logging Device Usage
Fiber Quality Sub Committee, Moderator: Anthony Brocato, Swanson Bark
      • Salvaging Timber from Fire Damaged Stands – a Residual Fibre Perspective
      • Steve Spletstoser (Idaho Forest Group) – Production Balance: Optimal Lumber Value and Chip Quality


Thursday, May 17, 2018

General Session: “Forest Resources – Innovations Shaping our Future”
  Moderator: Bruce Brewer/Idaho Forest Group, WR Policy Committee Chair
      • Mike Byl (BC Ministry of Forestry) – Log Exports and Exporting Forest Residuals
      • Murray Hall (Murray Hall Consultants) – Coastal BC Fibre
      • Kéta Kosman (Madison’s Lumber Reporter) – Lumber Market Outlook
      • Carman Overholt (Overholt Law) – #MeToo and the Implications for the Workplace
      • Drones Panel – How are they being used in the industry?
          • Rob Nagel (Port Blakely US) – Forestry, Land Use
          • Jonathon Stephens (Stock Pile Reports) – Ag & Mulch Companies
          • Mark Standley, Sr. (Log Safe, Inc.) – Logging Use

As we have come to expect, the caliber of speakers was exceptional – and the engagement of the attendees was high.

If you are interested in seeing the presentations from the meeting, they have been added to the Forest Resources Association website under the members only section. Click Here

The format of the Western Region meetings has been the same for many years. During a discussion of the Western Region Policy Committee, we determined that it may be time to consider a few changes. There are many associations that have their annual meeting in the spring – so competition for a slot in someone’s busy calendar is more and more difficult to achieve during this time. For this reason, we are considering a change to the spring meeting format. Prior to the Planning Committee beginning discussion for the fall meeting schedule, we will be considering different options for the 2019 Spring Meeting. We would like your input! If you have attended a Western Region meeting over the last two years, you will be included in a survey asking for your opinion on whether to change the meeting format – and for suggestions on what the changes may look like. If you have not attended a recent meeting but still have some thoughts on revisions to the meeting format, please contact me. As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Wednesday, 30 May 2018 16:03
Vickie Swanton | Western Region Manager

Vickie serves as the region manager for the Pacific Northwest