Hanington Brothers Celebrates 60 Years of Logging and Family

In 1958, Hollis Hanington, Jr. started Hanington Brothers, heading into the woods with horses to cut and skid timber. In the sixty years since, the company has grown and evolved into one of Maine’s leading logging companies, with 36 full-time employees involved in harvesting, chipping, trucking and land management.

In those six decades, Hanington Brothers, Inc. has kept at the forefront of technology changes. The firm was one of the first in the region to purchase a skidder, and through the years has moved from hand cutting to mechanized harvesting. Those years have also seen huge changes in the markets that Hanington Brothers supplies, a change that has accelerated in the past few years.

Hollis Hanington, Jr., Company Founder and President 1958 - 1989

Located in the shadow of Maine’s Mount Katahdin, Hanington Brothers started supplying Great Northern Paper’s mills in Millinocket and East Millinocket. Today those mills, as well as every other paper mill in Maine’s Penobscot River Valley, are closed. In order to remain at the forefront of the industry, Hanington Brothers has invested and diversified, and today provides tree-length wood to pulp mills, logs to lumber mills and chips for biomass electricity plants. The company has also grown to offer road building and land management services.

Hanington Brothers 1989 – 1994. Sharon Sibley, David Russell, Sheldon Hanington, Irma Hanington (President), Scott Hanington, Cheryl Hanington, Steve Hanington

As the name implies, Hanington Brothers is a family business. Company President Steve is the son of the founder, and at one point all four of his siblings worked for the company. Today his sister Sharon is the office manager, wife Teresa handles accounts payables, son Eric oversees all maintenance and inspections of equipment and trucks, daughter-in-law Krista does clerical work, and nephew Alex Hanington operates a chipper and log loader. Steve’s brother-in-law worked for the company until his retirement last year, and his daughter’s partner Peter is a harvesting subcontractor.

Hanington Brothers 1994 – Present. Back Row: Steve (President ), Teresa, Krista (holding Sadie), Danielle, Peter. Front Row: Eric (holding Abrianna), Abby, Evan.

The company prides itself on maintaining a culture of safety and was one of the first to embrace logger training programs over two decades ago. All employees are CPR / First Aid trained, and four employees have Advanced First Aid training.

As seen throughout the logging workforce, Hanington Brothers questions where the next generation of timber harvesting professionals will come from. Many of the company’s employees have been with the firm for over forty years, and has six employees above traditional retirement age. The average age of their current workforce is 54.

In addition to their logging activities, Hanington Brothers is a timberland owner, with 24,000 acres in Maine. All of these lands are actively managed, and public access for recreational use is allowed. The company issues permits for bear hunting guides to operate on their property and allow permitted fir tip harvesting for wreath making.

As it looks to the next sixty years of success, Hanington Brothers knows that the future will bring changes, just as the last sixty years have. By giving careful attention to maintaining a productive and safe workforce while being a leader in adopting new equipment and techniques; Hanington Brothers is confident in their future.
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