Woods to Mill

Andrew Miller and Mark Byler—the “A” and the “M” in A.M. Logging—worked very well together in a sawmill and on log home restoration projects.
About 45 minutes east of Redding, CA, in the heart of the northern Sierras, the unmistakable buzz of a hotsaw can be heard. As you listen, you start picking up the distinct rumblings of logging equipment.
Forest regeneration is an important component of timber harvests and following a natural disaster it is also key to sustainable forestry. Restocking the forest provides many ecosystem benefits, including carbon sequestration, water quality, wildlife habitat, aesthetics, forest recreational opportunities, and timber and non-timber forest products.
The relationship between a mill and its suppliers is critical to success – everyone’s success.
Let’s cut to the chase, we’re all tired of hearing about COVID-19, but it’s still drastically changing how we interact with one another, within our companies, and even with things like paper tickets.
The Forest Resources Association (FRA) represents the businesses in the wood supply chain. The catch-all phrase that best describes our membership base is from the “woods to mill.”
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