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Making Apprenticeships Work for You

Three speakers discussed state and federal apprenticeship programs across the country, and how they can benefit your company and employees.

Marie Price, Director for Training and Development, Idaho Forest Group
Title of Presentation: Registered Apprenticeship as a Talent Development Strategy
Marie will discuss why Idaho Forest Group is a sponsor for Registered Apprenticeship and how it has benefited their talent development strategy.

Brenda Myers, US DOL, State Director / Mississippi
Title of Presentation: Registered Apprenticeship – BENEFITS, BENEFITS, BENIFITS
Brenda's presentation will include brief history of apprenticeships and benefits to economy, employer, and apprentice.

Dale Lemmons, Owner, Signature Transport
Title of Presentation: Building Your Future Workforce
Dale will document the steps he has recently taken to begin a truckers’ apprenticeship program in Washington state.