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Appalachian Region (AR) Hardwood Timber/Lumber Supply & Demand Overview; Cable-Assist/Tethered Logging Operation

Matt Bumgardner, Research Forest Products Technologist for the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station (Delaware, OH); Gary Keaton, General Manager for Mountaineer Forest Management LLC (Crab Orchard, WV); and Joe Currie, Director of Harvest Operations & Forest Engineering for Lyme Timber Co. & Mountaineer Mechanized LLC (Crab Orchard, WV) presented on forestry issues relevant to the Appalachian Region.

Matt Bumgardner provided a Hardwood Lumber Market Overview. This covered the following:

  • Discussion of hardwood lumber statistics;
  • Lumber and timber supply and demand changes, current situation, and trends;
  • Some coverage of hardwood export and import statistics;
  • Big-picture thoughts on trade, consumer preferences, etc. and how that could impact Appalachian hardwood forestry and the wood products industry.

Gary Keaton and Joe Currie spoke on Cable-Assist/Tethered Logging Operation. This covered the following:

  • How Lyme Timber Company has supported a new, safer harvesting system in the mountains of West Virginia to facilitate regeneration harvests. This “tethered logging and cable-assist yarding system” has been introduced from the western U.S. and holds promise to make some harvests feasible that previously were too difficult to undertake;

Overview of the operational aspect of this new type of operation.

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