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Log Trucking Workforce

FRA is interested in sharing practices and programs taking place across the country to address trucking workforce concerns. One successful program that could be replicated is taking place in Beaufort County, North Carolina. In 2017, Beaufort County (NC) Community College added a log truck driving specific curriculum to its existing truck driver training program. Successful graduates of this training program obtain their Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). The log truck-driving portion of this sixteen-week program includes driving on woods roads in local (Weyerhaeuser) timberlands and over-the-road routes with a loaded log trailer. Students also learn over-the-road driving with dry van and flatbed trailers to help them understand how to safely operate equipment on the various roads and highways. FRA’s webinar provides an overview of the Beaufort County Community College program as a way to meet the local forest products industry’s growing log trucking workforce needs.

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