Trucking Safety

TEAM Safe Trucking:
Formed in 2015, TEAM Safe Trucking (TST) is a broad-based, non-profit volunteer group seeking to elevate the standard and performance of the American forest industry’s transportation sector, which organizers believe is the most serious issue confronting the wood fiber supply chain.

Mission Statement: To reduce accidents through enhanced driver training and effective fleet management and to recruit new, safety-focused drivers to deliver a sustainable and profitable supply chain.

THATS – Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety:
The National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization administered by the Forest Resources Association. Established in 1991.

Mission Statement: “to promote, support, and serve as a catalyst for safe and professional work attitudes, practices, and conditions in timber harvesting and transportation.” For more information, and a downloadable brochure, please click here.

Safety Alerts

18-S-9: Unsecured Pulpwood Log Damages Truck Cab

18-S-7: Truck Rolls Downhill into Other Truck

18-S-3: Log Truck Driver Slips on Loose Wood

18-S-1: Follow Too Closely

17-S-9: Logger Struck and Killed by Truck

17-S-5: Pickup Truck Backs Over Manager

17-S-4: Early-Morning Crew Truck Wreck

17-S-3: Passenger Vehicle Collides with Backing Log Truck

16-S-5 Frozen Wood Residuals Load Pins Truck Driver

16-S-1 Overloaded Log Truck Traveling Too Fast

Technical Releases

18-R-26: FlexFlare Log Truck Safety Light

17-R-16: Utilization of Phone App Technology to Record Log Truck Movements in the Southeastern United States

17-R-14: ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) are mandatory beginning December 18, 2017

17-R-11: Pole Saw Holder for Logger’s Service Truck

17-R-5: Using Woodyard Cameras to Improve Truck Driver Safety Compliance

17-R-2: "CAT Detect" for Personnel Protects On-The-Ground Workers

16-R-23 Ten Keys to Trucking Fleet Safety

16-R-15 Portable Safety Shelters for Truck Drivers on Woodyards

16-R-12 Truck Drivers’ Violation Record and Likelihood of Crashes

16-R-1 Cell Phone Signal Booster for Remote Locations