Safety Alerts
On a clear summer morning in the Southeast, a skidder was moving a loader from one log deck to another. The terrain was level.
On a cloudy, cool, fall morning in the Appalachians, a log truck driver had temporarily left the cab of his loaded triaxle log truck at the sloped landing of a harvesting operation.
On a sunny, warm, humid summer afternoon in the Northeast, the owner of a self-loading log truck was loading tree trimmings from a power line maintenance operation. The operator was performing the trimming operation as a contractor for an electric power company.

BACKGROUND: On a summer morning in the Southcentral U.S., an equipment operator was felling a natural pine stand with a feller-buncher. The terrain was level, and weather conditions were dry and sunny, with a light wind. There was a moderate level of underbrush in the timber stand.

BACKGROUND: On a clear, dry, summer day in the South, an equipment operator was moving a skidder from one end of an old, abandoned woodyard to another. The terrain was flat, and the skidder operator was following an existing, old road.

BACKGROUND: On a clear, summer afternoon in the Southeast, a skidder was pulling a knuckleboom loader along a narrow, level woods road, so the loader could be connected to a truck during moving operations.

BACKGROUND: On a spring afternoon in the Appalachians, an independent mechanic shop owner was adjusting the air brakes on a dump truck owned by a logging contractor. The mechanic asked for help from the owner of the logging company.


A truck driver was unloading wood chips from his open-top tractor-trailer unit via a movable floor unloading system on a mid-winter day in the Northeast. The trailer had a cross-stability bar centrally located at the top of the trailer. When using the movable floor unloading system to offload wood chips, these wood chips would routinely jam at the cross stability bar.


On a fall weekend day in the Appalachians, an individual was cutting firewood from unmerchantable tops and log pieces at a log deck.


On a fall day in the Appalachians, a truck driver was clearing the loose bark and wood debris off his log trailer at a mill woodyard before pulling out to the public highway. Conditions were wet.

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