Safety Alerts
In May 2018, the operator of a steep slope machine on a two-line tethered logging system had a near-miss when one of the cables broke at the connection socket after it was damaged during base machine repositioning.
In the summer of 2018 in the Pacific Northwest, a processor operator with ten years of experience died when the delimbing arms and feed rolls of the processor head he was repairing closed suddenly, crushing him.
On a dry summer morning in the Appalachians, a log trucker was binding down a load of pine pulpwood at the landing.
On a winter afternoon day in the Lake States, a logging business owner was training a new employee. The business owner and employee scaled-in and were directed by the scaler to unload the wood at a specified landing where the truck was to be unloaded.
The driver fell asleep while approaching a “T” intersection where two state roads joined and ran a stop sign of an uncontrolled intersection and crossed the road into the ditch. As he crossed the intersection, he awoke and turned the cab slightly to the right.
On a cool and breezy winter night in the southeastern U.S., members and guests of a hunt club were camping on a designated site of a leased hunting property.
On a spring day in the Pacific Northwest, a log truck driver was proceeding down a haul road. Earlier in the week, a base machine had been located on the road, and the crew had to dig a hole in the road to bury its bucket during tethered logging.
On a winter day in the Pacific Northwest, two rigging crew members were setting chokers. One of them went to retrieve chokers from a dropline under a motorized carriage.

On a mid-winter morning in the Lake States Region, a logger began his workday by performing maintenance on the processor head of his recently purchased cut-to-length harvesting machinery.

On a warm summer morning in the southeastern U.S., a loader operator assisted other crew members in preparing a loader for movement to another job site. 
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