On a warm, sunny, winter day in the Appalachians, a log truck was in line to be unloaded at a forest product mill’s woodyard. The truck driver was in his fifties and was considered thoroughly trained and had no known previous accident history. He was wearing the personal protective equipment required by the woodyard.
During the winter logging season in the Lake States Region, logging equipment was vandalized by protesters of a nearby project. The vandalism resulted in damage to logging equipment and caused significant downtime for the logging business owner. The day prior to the incident, an equipment operator for the logging business was confronted by protesters. The logging business has been in operation for nearly 25 years.
On a pleasant spring afternoon in the Appalachian Region, a timber cutter was preparing to cut a large, sawlog-sized beech tree. It appears that as he surveyed the drop zone, he realized that a small, 5” diameter sapling, located about 50 feet from the beech tree would be caught up in the top of the beech tree upon felling and would create a spring-pole hazard when he would be limbing and bucking the beech tree.
On a clear, dry winter day in the southeast, a deck hand went to assist a truck driver who was spotting loaded trailers for future delivery to market by the highway drivers. The deck hand was wearing a hard hat and a yellow high visibility vest at the time of the incident. He was considered fully trained to perform his duties.
One late winter day in the Southeast, a chainsaw operator was trimming two beech trees at the landing. The excessively brushy trees had been pulled up to a flat area near the loader to be trimmed and have the brush piled. The chainsaw operator was wearing all required PPE for the task at the time of the incident. He was considered fully trained to perform his duties.
On a spring day in the Pacific Northwest, a lowboy operator was coupling the lowboy gooseneck to a lowbed trailer deck after loading and chaining down a processor.

On a fall day in the Pacific Northwest, a lowboy operator and a shovel operator were positioning a boom stand on a lowboy trailer in preparation for loading a shovel.

On a September day in the Pacific Northwest, a foreman sustained an injury while cutting a four-inch western hemlock. The foreman was 40 years old, and had 20 years of experience. All loggers were wearing required PPE.

On a September day in the Pacific Northwest, a 49-year-old cutter died after he was struck in the torso by an alder top. The cutter who was killed had over 20 years of experience in the field. He was wearing all required PPE.
On a January day in the Lake States Region, a driver of a fully loaded truck hauling pulpwood failed to stop and entered an uncontrolled railroad intersection resulting in a train truck collision. The driver was a contract trucker hired by the logging business to haul pulpwood to a nearby manufacturing facility. He was an experienced truck driver and had contracted with the logging business in the past.