On a September day in the Pacific Northwest, a foreman sustained an injury while cutting a four-inch western hemlock. The foreman was 40 years old, and had 20 years of experience. All loggers were wearing required PPE.

On a clear, cold, winter day in the eastern U.S., a chain saw operator was felling trees next to a logging road. The cutter was in his thirties, was considered very experienced, and was wearing full personal protective equipment.
On a September day in the Pacific Northwest, a 49-year-old cutter died after he was struck in the torso by an alder top. The cutter who was killed had over 20 years of experience in the field. He was wearing all required PPE.
On a January day in the Lake States Region, a driver of a fully loaded truck hauling pulpwood failed to stop and entered an uncontrolled railroad intersection resulting in a train truck collision. The driver was a contract trucker hired by the logging business to haul pulpwood to a nearby manufacturing facility. He was an experienced truck driver and had contracted with the logging business in the past.
A commercial truck driver was driving an old-model, used dump truck on an Appalachian Region interstate highway late one summer night. The driver had just purchased the dump truck earlier that evening and was driving it back to his place of business in another state. The weather was mild and the roadway was dry.