The owner-operator of a tractor-trailer log truck in the Northeast was having his truck loaded with tree-length wood. It was a fall day, clear and cool. Weather was not a factor.

Safety Release 12-S-3 - BACKGROUND: A driver was waiting for his truck to be loaded at the log deck on a summer morning in the Southeast. The driver had previously made adjustments to his truck’s clutch, and he decided to continue working on it while waiting for equipment to clear the loading area.

BACKGROUND: On a fall day in the Eastern U.S., a mobile crane was traveling through a mill’s woodyard.

PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS: The mobile crane operator was in his mid 40s and had worked in mill maintenance for about ten years.

BACKGROUND: A hunter driving a pickup truck on industrial forestland in the Northeast on a Friday afternoon in early winter got off the woods road, and his truck became stuck in mud. Unable to extricate the truck on his own, the driver left the vehicle over the weekend, returning on Monday to remove it with the help of the operator of a hydraulic excavator from a nearby logging road construction operation. Cold temperatures and heavy snow over the weekend froze the mud around the truck’s wheels.

BACKGROUND: On an overcast, cool winter morning in the Appalachians, a logging contractor was unloading his truck at a woodyard. He was operating the self-unloading knuckleboom on his triaxle truck.

BACKGROUND: On a late winter afternoon in the West, a company’s mechanic was repairing a stroke delimber. Weather conditions were good—cool and clear.

BACKGROUND: The owner-operator of a tractor-trailer log truck in the Northeast was having his truck loaded with 8-foot pulpwood at a concentration log yard. The yard had a very slight surface grade. It was a winter day, clear and cold. Weather was not a factor.

BACKGROUND: On a fall morning in the South, a log truck driver was pulling the cables off his load at a woodyard unbinding station. Personal Characteristics: The contract log truck driver was fully trained and had over 20 years of experience. He was wearing a hard hat, safety glasses, gloves, and a high-visibility vest.

BACKGROUND: On a mild, late fall afternoon in the Southeast, a log truck was merging onto an Interstate highway. Winds were fairly calm, and the road surface was dry.

On a foggy and slightly rainy day in the Appalachians, a logging crew was moving a skidder and log loader to a new tract.

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