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FRA’s Southeastern Region serves FRA members throughout the South Atlantic including Georgia, South Carolina, the majority of Florida, Eastern North Carolina, and Eastern Virginia. It focuses on improving timber harvesting and transportation safety, efficiency, and environmental performance. Trucking safety and logging and trucking labor challenges are current issues of concern. 

Contact the FRA Southeastern Region

Clay Altizer, Southwide Region Manager
34 Duffy Street
Clayton, NC 27527
Ph: (662) 312-7934
This preliminary value estimate of timber loss within the affected area of the Florida panhandle is based on the following assumptions:
Hurricane Michael impacted mult iple southern states from Florid a to Virginia, and significant damage was seen in the panhandle of Florida and South Georgia.
There has been some concern in the forest industry that the slump in pine harvesting following the Great Recession – combined with excessive inventory accumulation and poor stumpage pricing – may have contributed to a severe decline in tree planting in recent years.
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