Issue Update 12/7/2018

FRA signed onto a letter that was delivered to House and Senate Leadership requesting support for H-2B reforms (seasonal guestworker program).

A deal has been negotiated that would include H-2B language in the Fiscal Year 2019 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Appropriations bill. The language would increase the H-2B cap to 132,000 workers, double the current cap. Additionally, the language allows forestry services including tree planting to be eligible (at the employer's option) to be filled through the H-2A program. These are two key provisions that FRA has been working on to address the labor shortage of workers for tree planting and other forest-related work.

It is important that you contact your House and Senate members, and request they make a personal contact with party leadership and support the inclusion of the Tillis/Harris H-2B package in the FY2019 government spending bill. We anticipate the spending bill will be considered next week.

FRA has set up an action alert that will assist you in contacting your House and Senate members. To access the action alert, click below.

H-2B Action Alert