Freddy Tidwell: FRA's 2017 Southcentral Region Outstanding Logger


Tidwell FRA SCR OL Award 2017

Freddy Tidwell (center) and Cyndi Tidwell (left) receive FRA’s 2017 Southcentral Region (SCR) Outstanding Logger Award from SCR Chairman Gary Beacher (right).

Roanoke, VA – The Forest Resources Association and STIHL Incorporated honored Freddy Tidwell of F&C Logging, LLC in Double Springs, Alabama, as the Southcentral Region 2017 Outstanding Logger at FRA’s Southcentral Region (SCR) Awards Dinner in Point Clear, Alabama on March 8. FRA’s SCR Chairman Gary Beacher presented Tidwell with a wooden crosscut-saw plaque and a STIHL MS 461 chain saw gift certificate and $250 check (chain saw and check compliments of STIHL).

Freddy Tidwell is a third generation logger and a Winston County, Alabama native who grew up logging with his family. In 1993, Freddy began F&C Logging on his own and in 2009 formed a separate business, Forestree Transport, LLC, for the trucking side of his operation. Freddy has over 40 years of experience harvesting timber and currently operates and manages two full-time logging crews and a trucking company. His two logging crews specialize in pine plantation thinning. Freddy’s operation employs 13 people total in addition to family members who provide office management. Two of his primary customers, Molpus Timberlands and LP, give Freddy high praise for his strong commitment for doing the right thing in all situations and for his attention to a safe and quality timber harvesting operation, combined with a strong environmental ethic and exceptional business management.

Freddy Tidwell is innovative. He has designed a delimbing gate which he describes as somewhat self-cleaning; the design reduces the volume of limbs accumulating in front of the gate. Another innovation is his strategy to maximize his production by establishing trailer drop yards near major wood receiving facilities. This allows him to haul during non-peak delivery times.

Freddy believes supporting the community is important and is involved in the local technical center’s Entrepreneur Week to raise awareness for small business owners. An active member of the Alabama Forestry Association and the Alabama and American Loggers Councils, he has served as a past Loggers Council District Director and teaches classes on logging cost analysis and BMPs for the Alabama Loggers Council. He is Alabama’s 2016 Logger of the Year.

F&C Logging’s approach to logging professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects of the business makes Freddy’s operation successful and deserving of FRA’s 2017 Southcentral Region Outstanding Logger Award.

FRA’s Outstanding Logger Award program is designed to raise the visibility of professional logging contractors and to encourage other loggers to adopt the performance of the award winners. The Regional Award winner becomes a nominee for FRA’s National Outstanding Logger recognition.

The Forest Resources Association Inc. is a nonprofit trade association concerned with the safe, efficient, and sustainable harvest of forest products and their transport from woods to mill. FRA represents wood consumers, independent logging contractors, and wood dealers, as well as businesses providing products and services to the forest resource-based industries.

STIHL Incorporated serves as the sponsor of FRA’s Regional and National Outstanding Logger Awards.