WSRI Announces New Communications Tools

As a direct result of Wood Supply Research Institute Board and Executive Committee action, WSRI has upgraded and expanded its Communications Tool Kit. Elements in the new Communications Tool Kit Include the establishment of a WSRI Facebook page, the establishment of the quarterly E-WSRI Update e-Newsletter WSRI Fall 2014 e-Newsletter and the development of the WSRI tag Line "improving forest operations through research."

WSRI Chairman Danny Norman notes, “These new communications tools are a welcome addition to WSRI, because they will help us explain to foresters and loggers who we are, what we do, and how WSRI research findings can impact their bottom-line wood production or wood consumption costs. I encourage all foresters and loggers to check out the first issue of the WSRI Fall Update e-newsletter and also the WSRI Facebook page and, while there, to click on the like and follow buttons, so they can keep abreast of the latest wood supply research developments.” Foresters and loggers who want to receive the future issues of the WSRI Update quarterly e-newsletter should contact WSRI Executive Director Jim Fendig at [email protected].