Truck Weights: DOT “Technical Report” Due Soon

The Final Report of the Truck Size & Weight Study that Congress authorized in 2012, in place of immediately authorizing truck weight reform along the lines of the Safe & Efficient Transportation Act (HR 612), is due to be delivered to Congress this November, but we anticipate release of the “Technical Report” presenting the DOT study team’s data and its preliminary evaluation sometime during August. Our evaluation of the study plan and of the secondary sources the study team has cited leads us to believe both this “Technical Report” and the Final Report will provide the basis for meaningful reform.

FRA and other Coalition for Transportation Productivity members are alerting members of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee about the impending release of the Technical Report—which will then become the focus of additional hearings and consultations—and turning their attention to the project of truck weight reform. With Congress posed to extend funding for the current “MAP-21” highway funding program beyond the Final Report’s scheduled release in early November, it seems likely that the next Highway Reauthorization will also be pushed forward, which will enable legislators to use the Truck Size & Weight Study’s Final Report as a resource in considering inclusion of SETA’s terms.

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