PPRC Hits the Hill for Annual Fly-In


The Pulp & Paperworkers’ Resource Council has launched its annual Fly-In to Capitol Hill, to talk to members of Congress and the Administration about policies that promote the success of the mills that keep them employed. This year, over 82 hourly forest products mill workers have come to town to work the Hill, February 11-13. They will advocate truck weight reform—RockTenn’s Mike Branch and FRA’s Deb Hawkinson provided the orientation. Other topics included:

  • treating biomass-powered systems fairly as “carbon neutral” within air-quality rules;
  • advocating against expanding federal jurisdictional wetland authority;
  • simplifying the “cumulative regulatory burden” that places open-ended delays on air- and water-quality permitting for manufacturers; and
  • reining in the “sue-and-settle” policy that weighs so heavily on Endangered Species Act administration.


PPRC members plan to meet with over 200 legislators, as well as some key Administration officials. One of their messages will be to thank our supporters for providing a Forest Roads fix, and other pro-forestry provisions, within the recently passed Farm Bill.


PPRC is the strongest and most influential grassroots organization carrying the forest industry message to Capitol Hill. Is your mill supporting PPRC? To learn more or to get in touch with a PPRC point-person, contact FRA President Deb Hawkinson ([email protected], 202-296-3937).