SFI Marks Milestones

At the close of 2012, Sustainable Forestry Initiative President Kathy Abusow summed up some significant signs that SFI is expanding and gaining credibility as a guarantor of sustainable forest management, pointing out:

  • 200 million acres of land are now certified to the SFI forest management standard, “roughly the size of California and Newfoundland/Labrador combined” or—to choose a different comparison—exceeding the total acreage managed by the U.S. Forest Service.
  • During 2012, SFI received 6,000 requests from companies, agencies, and conservation groups to use the SFI on-product label. Abusow notes that six years ago, SFI was receiving fewer than a dozen such requests annually.
  • SFI marked the third year of its SFI Conservation and Community Partnerships grant program, having grown from a modest beginning to a total cumulative investment of $4.8 million in relevant conservation research projects.


Also noted is that the number of U.S. Congressmen and Governors supporting the LEED green building standard’s acceptance of the SFI standard has grown to 105.