Shermer Logging: FRA’s 2018 Lake States Region Outstanding Logger

Wausau, WI – The Forest Resources Association and STIHL recognized Shermer Logging as the Lake States Region 2018 Outstanding Logger at FRA’s Lake States Region 2018 Fall Meeting held on September 18 in Wausau, Wisconsin.

FRA members Matt Carothers of Superior Woodlands Group and Jason Evans of Louisiana Pacific recognized Shermer Logging and presented Cliff Shermer with a recognition plaque, a cash prize, and a chainsaw certificate donated by STIHL.

During his acceptance speech, Cliff Shermer recognized his wife Mary and the hardworking employees of Shermer Logging for his success in the logging business. He was also grateful for all the companies he had supplied over the years which allowed him to grow and be successful in logging.

Earlier in the year, Shermer Logging was also recognized as the Minnesota Sustainable Forestry Initiative Logger of the Year.

Shermer Logging will now compete for the FRA National Outstanding Logger of the Year with other Regional Outstanding Loggers. The National Outstanding Logger of Year will be announced in May during the FRA Annual Meeting at Amelia Island, FL.

FRA’s Outstanding Logger Award program is designed to raise the visibility of professional logging contractors and to encourage other loggers to adopt the performance of the award winners.

The Forest Resources Association Inc. is a nonprofit trade association concerned with the safe, efficient, and sustainable harvest of forest products and their transport from woods to mill.  FRA represents wood consumers, independent logging contractors, and wood dealers, as well as businesses providing products and services to the forest resource-based industries

STIHL Incorporated serves as the sponsor of FRA’s Regional and National Outstanding Logger Awards.

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Cliff Shermer

Cliff Shermer (center) is recognized as the Forest Resources Association Lake States 2018 Outstanding Logger. Presenting the award are Matt Carothers (right) and Jason Evans (left).

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