Chris Terry: FRA's 2017 Appalachian Region Outstanding Logger

Roanoke, VA – The Forest Resources Association and STIHL Incorporated honored Chris Terry, owner of Terry Logging, Inc. in Morehead, Kentucky, as the Appalachian Region 2017 Outstanding Logger at FRA’s Appalachian Region (AR) Awards Dinner in Chillicothe, Ohio on September 20. FRA’s AR Chairman Ervin Bielmyer presented Terry with a wooden crosscut-saw plaque and a STIHL MS 461 chain saw gift certificate and $250 check (chain saw and check compliments of STIHL). 

Chris Terry’s dream of being president of a logging company started in high school. He began cutting and selling firewood at age 16, moved onto pine posts at 18, and then to logging.  Starting with old, used equipment, he grew his business to the point where it is now a fully mechanized logging operation, utilizing a tracked feller-buncher but also maintaining the capability of hand-felling where necessary for certain timber in eastern Kentucky’s mountainous terrain. Terry Logging’s reputation for being a safe, dependable, and environmentally conscious operation has helped it secure many logging contracts. Terry Logging is especially noted for its leadership on logging issues in Kentucky: 

  • Chris and his brother (Vice President) Nathan Terry are Kentucky Master Loggers. Chris has taught continuing education classes for the KY Master Logger Program.
  • Chris is a member of Kentucky’s Best Management Practices Board and was actively involved in influencing the BMP revisions that recently went into effect.
  • Chris is a member of the Kentucky Forest Industries Association (KFIA) Board. He has also served on KFIA’s Daniel Boone National Forest Advisory Committee, where his input has resulted in positive changes in utilization standards for USFS timber sales and the way sales are promoted and conducted. 
  • Chris has worked hard to achieve a workers compensation insurance rate that recognizes his business classification as a mechanical operation. He has been a strong voice for enforcement of workers compensation laws and has worked with the Kentucky Association of Consulting Foresters to help them understand the importance of doing business with loggers that carry workers compensation insurance. 
  • Terry Logging has developed and actively uses a logging safety manual; crew members all wear high visibility vests; the operation uses “trucks entering highway” signs; Terry Logging applies and enforces a lockout/tagout program for any equipment that is down or in need of repair; the company implements a drug testing program for employees.
  • Terry Logging uses “ONX Hunt,” which is a smartphone app that assists in locating surrounding property boundaries during harvest; Terry Logging contacts all adjoining landowners by certified mail to inform them of the timber harvest and to prevent potential trespass issues.
  • Terry Logging has been involved in local road issues to assure the logging industry is treated fairly and consistently with other issues.
  • Terry Logging actively supports and contributes to the Kentucky Log A Load for Kids Program.
Upon receiving the award, Chris Terry cited the importance of his family members in making this a successful logging operation: His father, for encouraging him and helping him as he started in the logging business; his brother Nathan for managing the harvesting operation especially when Chris is away from the job to work on industry issues; his wife Carla for providing excellent administrative advice and service.

FRA’s Outstanding Logger Award program is designed to raise the visibility of professional logging contractors and to encourage other loggers to adopt the performance of the award winners. The Regional Award winner becomes a nominee for FRA’s National Outstanding Logger recognition.

The Forest Resources Association Inc. is a nonprofit trade association concerned with the safe, efficient, and sustainable harvest of forest products and their transport from woods to mill. FRA represents wood consumers, independent logging contractors, and wood dealers, as well as businesses providing products and services to the forest resource-based industries.

STIHL Incorporated serves as the sponsor of FRA’s Regional and National Outstanding Logger Awards.

TerryLogging FRA AR OL Award 2017
Chris and Nathan Terry receive FRA’s 2017 Appalachian Region (AR) Outstanding Logger Award.  From left to right:  Deb Hawkinson (FRA President), Nathan Terry, Chris Terry, Ervin Bielmyer (AR Chairman).
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