Southern Cyclones = Salvage Hazards

The impacts of the extreme cyclones that lashed the South in several separate storm systems during April have taken a catastrophic toll in human life across several states, from Oklahoma to the coast, with well over 200 confirmed human fatalities at this writing, and storm action continuing.  Noting the severe impacts the first set of storms inflicted on North Carolina, the NC Association of Professional Loggers sent out a warning that cleanup after cyclonic storms—timber salvage—presents a high risk of adding to these heavy casualties and placed its recent video Storm Damage and Salvage Safety for free download on Youtube, in three seven-minute segments, at  This excellent production, which NCAPL produced in 2009 in collaboration with the NC Forestry Mutual Insurance Company, with funding from FRA / National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Foundation, begins with a plea to exhaust mechanical salvage approaches before considering intrinsically dangerous manual chain saw operations in windthrown timber.  It then reviews the hazards associated with chain saw work in timber salvage situations, with guidelines for reducing them.

This training video is also available, in DVD format, from FRA at the price of $50 to FRA members, $100 to all others.  Request this video using FRA’s Publications Order Form, referring to stock number 09-A-6.