Jeff Jenkins

Appalachian Region Consultant

Forest Resources Association

J Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is FRA’s Appalachian Region Consultant. After graduating from Virginia Tech University with a BS in forestry, Jeff began his career as a procurement forester with Mead Paper in Chillicothe, OH. While at Mead, Jeff also worked in West Virginia and Alabama. Most recently, Jeff served as the Fiber Supply Director at Glatfelter Paper/Pixelle Specialty Solutions from 2017-2019. After leaving Pixelle, Jeff established Jenkins Forestry Solutions, LLC. in 2020, focusing on chainsaw and logger training and acting as a business consultant.

Jeff currently serves as an Executive Board Member of the Ohio Forestry Association and was a past FRA Board Member and Appalachian Region Steering Committee member. During his career, Jeff had the opportunity to work with Soren Eriksson on the “Game of Logging” chainsaw training, logger efficiency and the de-coupled logging approach.