In recognition of Women’s History Month, we are sharing a brief history of the nation’s first “women only” sawmill.
Women in Forestry Webinar Friday, 05 March 2021 16:32

Women in Forestry Webinar

Today is International Women’s Day, and FRA would like to take the opportunity to share the recording of our recent webinar Women in Forestry.
FRA reached out to associations across the Lake States Region and asked them to provide information about what keeps them up at night in terms of the challenges and initiatives of the forest products industry.
The U.S. white-tailed deer population has ballooned to an estimated 30 million in number. Thirty million! These overabundant “soft-eyed nibblers,” as my old wildlife management professor called them, are hindering the regeneration of desirable hardwood species in the eastern U.S., spreading disease-carrying ticks, and causing about 1.5 million vehicle collisions and 10,000 crash-related injuries every year.
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