What was the best continuing education class you ever took? For me, it was probably Chester Karrass’s Effective Negotiating short course. During the early years of my career, many forest industry companies enrolled their woodlands/forestry staff in this program.
April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. This event is a good reminder to pay more attention to how we contribute to potential unsafe behaviors and what we can do to lessen the thousands of deaths – and tens of thousands of injuries – due to distracted driving each year in the US.
Forest landowners are likely to have some amount of storm damage to their forest land at some point in time. Many articles are available to landowners and foresters on evaluation and salvage of storm-damaged areas, but fewer are available on practical salvage practices for loggers.
FRA Region Reports Tuesday, 16 March 2021 15:34

FRA Region Reports

Members active in FRA’s six Regions develop technical and policy programs that speak to their own needs. Regional leadership identifies emerging supply chain challenges, convenes to identify solutions or educational programs, and refers issues that stretch beyond regional boundaries.
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