Jacob Minor | FRA Operations and Communications Coordinator

Jacob Minor | FRA Operations and Communications Coordinator


FRA Issue Update - 9/18/20

Last week, the FMCSA published a notice requesting public comments on a proposed pilot program modeled on the FRA supported DRIVE Safe Act. The comment period for the pilot program ends on November 9, 2020.

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FRA Issue Update - 9/11/20

FRA extends our gratitude to the more than 26,000 firefighters and support personnel who are tirelessly working to control the wildfires in the West. Our thoughts are with these firefighters, and the businesses and families whose lives have been impacted by the wildfires during these already difficult times.

FRA Issue Update - 9/4/20

Last week, FRA reported that we had reached out to consulate offices who process H-2B guest worker visas for forestry workers. Several of the consulate offices have reported back and have confirmed what the White House has reported to FRA.

FRA Issue Update - 8/28/20

FRA continues its efforts to make sure employers of H-2B guest workers have access to forestry workers to perform work this year. This week, FRA reached out to consulate offices in Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Nicaragua to provide them with information on the importance of H-2B guest workers for forestry work in the United States.

FRA Issue Update - 8/21/20

FRA continued discussions with White House staff seeking additional clarification on the guidance issued last week that ensures that forestry employers have the opportunity to demonstrate that their work is in the national interest and qualifies for a national interest exception.

FRA Issue Update - 8/14/20

This week, on August 12, the State Department released guidance on the national interest exceptions to the Presidential Proclamation (PP) of June 22 suspending the entry to the U.S. of certain immigrants and non-immigrants, including H-2B visa holders.
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