Southcentral Region In-Person Meeting Canceled

Ultimately, to ensure the safety of Members and friends, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our in-person meeting at the MSU Mill Conference Center.

Southeastern Region In-Person Meeting Canceled

Ultimately, to ensure the safety of Members and friends, we have made the difficult decision to cancel our in-person meeting at the Jekyll Island Convention Center.

Appalachian Region Event Canceled


Western Region Fall Meeting Moving Virtual

With the approach of FRA’s Western Region Fall Meeting, you may have noted the current surge in COVID-19 cases in Northern Idaho, including Kootenai County and the Coeur d’Alene area.

2021 Western Region Virtual Fall Meeting


Wood Supply Chain Schematic

FRA’s Wood Supply Chain schematic will help people understand and visualize the wood supply chain that is captured in those three simple words, “woods to mill.” The uses of this schematic are many, including to assist in discussions with policymakers, the orientation of new employees, briefing of customers, woods, and mill tours, and informing educators, just to mention a few. This schematic features 50 easy to tear out pages.

H-2B’s Importance to Forest Products Industry

Rayonier and FRA have collaborated to develop a video that shows the importance of the H-2B visa program to the forest products industry. The video and the information collected by the FRA survey of employers who hire H-2B forestry workers will be used to inform and educate elected officials and decision-makers about the critical role of the H-2B visa program in renewing our nation’s forest lands following a timber harvest or natural disturbance, such as wildfire. The information will be shared with Members of Congress, Departments of Labor and Homeland Security, USDA, Forest Service, White House staff, and our allies working with us on the H-2B visa issue.

Safe Routes Act Video


What Does Your Wood-Using Customer Want?

The wood using industries that receive logs, chips, sawmill  residuals, sawdust, micro-chips, and other forest products have dramatically changed in composition in the past 20 years. A pre-2000's era dominated by sawmills and pulp mills as the primary wood users, today includes wood pellet plants of several types and sizes producing a bio-fuel for export, biomass power plants, biomass conversion to produce liquid fuels, and other more exotic methods. What do you need to know about wood, bark and biomass that will help you deliver exactly what these processes need? How can knowing about wood help you to win contracts with demanding buyers?

This webinar is a brief introduction to wood technology at a very basic level that will discuss wood and wood products as feedstocks for pulping but also for pelleting, chemical conversion for fuels, and combustion for electrical power generation.

Webinar presenters included Desmond Smith, Dr Chips Consulting LLC, and Bill Fuller, FRM Consulting.


DRIVE-Safe Act

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