Clay Altizer | Southwide Region Manager

Clay Altizer | Southwide Region Manager

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FRA Southcentral Region Announces 2021 Award Winners

The FRA Southcentral Region recently recognized its 2021 award winners during the Southwide Region Virtual Spring Meeting held on April 13th. The annual award process honors outstanding loggers as well as authors of exceptional FRA Technical Releases at the region level. This year’s award winners certainly did their part to make a positive impact on the forest products industry.

Teamwork: A Southwide Perspective

That is the forest products industry in the Southern U.S. Pretty impressive statistics, to say the least. It is easy to see why the region is commonly referred to as the wood basket of the world. It takes the skill and expertise of many dedicated natural resource professionals to ensure the forest products industry is well-equipped to meet the world’s demand for wood fiber and forest-based manufactured goods.