FRA’s BIPAC Portal

At FRA’s BIPAC Portal, FRA members can register to vote, write their legislators, learn more about the United States Government, access election resources, and stay up to date with political and election news.
FRA has a large and diverse membership throughout the United States and is the only national trade association that represents the entire wood supply chain from the woods to the mill. Our members include logging businesses, timber haulers, pulp and paper mills, biomass/bioenergy companies, engineered wood producers, and allied businesses.
The FRA Southcentral Region recently recognized its 2021 award winners during the Southwide Region Virtual Spring Meeting held on April 13th. The annual award process honors outstanding loggers as well as authors of exceptional FRA Technical Releases at the region level. This year’s award winners certainly did their part to make a positive impact on the forest products industry.
Forests, and forest products, are the solution. When we think of so many of the nation’s challenges – rebuilding vibrant rural economies, managing our carbon footprint, ensuring a sustainable environment for future generations.
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