FRA Western Region Policy Committee

Mr. George Edman (Chair), Edman Company
Mr. Bruce Brewer (Vice-Chair), Idaho Forest Group
Mr. Anthony Brocato, Swanson Bark & Wood Products
Mr. Brad Markin, SUTCO
Mr. Chris Lunde, Port Blakely Tree Farm, LP
Mr. Chris Robinson, Inland Empire Paper Co.
Mr. Dale Lemmons, Interstate Wood Products, Inc.
Mr. David Weed, Nippon Dynawave Packaging
Mr. Greg Frohn, Avista Utilities
Mr. James Erickson, Kapstone Paper and Packaging
Mr. James Prior, Peterson
Mr. Jamie Skinner, DCT Chambers Trucking Ltd.
Mr. Jason Sappington, WestRock
Mr. Jeff Marthaller, Kapstone Paper and Packaging
Mr. Joe Kavanagh, Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
Mr. Joel Swanton, Forest2Market
Mr. John Dick, Boise/PCA
Mr. John Northey, Port Townsend Paper Co.
Mr. Keith Eibel, Roseburg Forest Products
Mr. Kevin McElwee, International Paper
Mr. Larry Lemmons, Pacific Fibre Products Inc.
Mr. Rick Breuner, Fiber Industry Consultants
Mr. Ron Gray, B2E Consulting
Mrs. Shaney Neuharth, Weyerhaeuser
Ms. Debbie Thomas, Roseburg Forest Products
Ms. Vickie Hoffart, Forest Resources Association Inc.

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