On February 18, Rep. Mike Michaud (D-Maine) and Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) re-introduced their Safe & Efficient Transportation Act of 2011 (SETA) as HR 763—essentially the same bill they co-sponsored in the last congress.
In a March 30 speech at an “International Year of Forests” celebration, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack explicitly endorsed the use of wood as a green building material, outlining a three-part “plan,” expressing the Department’s priorities...
Having observed through several years the proliferation of such e-mail taglines as “Please don’t print this e-mail,” keyboarder and Tree Farmer Chuck Leavell and forester Carlton Owen decided to make the case for paper consumption as a stimulus for sustainable forestry in a jointly authored commentary appearing in the March 30 Wall Street Journal.

A controlled study undertaken by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill measured 93% fewer tick attachments among a group of state water quality employees who wore the commercial tick-repelling garment Insect Shield Repellent Apparel, compared to workers in similar environments who used conventional spray repellants or other prevention methods. 

Petroleum pipeline companies have reported numerous incidents of logging operations working dangerously close to oil and gas pipelines without notifying the pipeline owners and without taking appropriate safety precautions. The logging crew manager may have been unaware or unconcerned of the dangers of operating equipment around pipelines. Logging near a pipeline right-of-way, driving heavy trucks across a pipeline, or running heavy equipment over a pipeline right-of-way presents an enormous safety risk. Even a pinhole-sized gas leak in a high-pressure line (1000 psi), if ignited, can cause a major explosion that would create a huge crater, and a major fire incident can start even with a 3-inch diameter pipe and 5 psi of pressure.

During the spring and summer of 2010, the University of Georgia (UGA) assessed the state of biomass harvesting, collection, and transportation technology in use across the United States' six forested regions through a literature review, on-line surveys of biomass market participants, and a series of one-week field visits by research team members.

FRA and our partner, the Arkansas Timber Producers Association, are well into production of the third In-Woods Expo, a three-day world-class logging and forestry demo on a Weyerhaeuser forest near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Reserve the dates now: May 19-21 (Thursday through Saturday) to attend the largest live logging demo in the United States.

A Conversation Between FRA’s Neil Ward and Russell Hollrah, of Hollrah Leyden LLC Russ Hollrah is a partner in a Washington, DC-based law firm that represents employers in conflict with regulatory authorities and has over two decades’ experience in litigating challenges to independent contractor status. He is also the executive director of the Coalition to Preserve Independent Contractor Status (, of which FRA is a founding member. FRA’s Director of Communication, Neil Ward, asked Russ to characterize the climate of legal threats to independent contractor status today, what’s behind recent challenges, and how small businesses can preserve their right to independence.



by Tim Lowrimore

FRA is an official endorser of Davis-Garvin’s Hunt Club Liability Insurance program. We asked Tim Lowrimore, who heads that unit, to comment on how hunt club insurance is changing and what special capabilities Davis-Garvin brings to serving its customer’s needs.

On November 10, 1775, Captain Samuel Nicholas formed the first two battalions of the Continental Marines in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Despite changes in leadership, constant enrollment of new recruits or even the inevitable change in our nation, the Marine Corps has remained true to its original charter—honor, courage and commitment. Because of its strong heritage and commitment to excellence, everyone is familiar with the Corps motto: “The Few. The Proud. The Marines.” The simple idea of being a cut above the rest and being a part of something unique and special has proven to appeal to recruits, no matter who is in the leadership role or the status of the nation.

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