On a fall weekend day in the Appalachians, an individual was cutting firewood from unmerchantable tops and log pieces at a log deck.


On a fall day in the Appalachians, a truck driver was clearing the loose bark and wood debris off his log trailer at a mill woodyard before pulling out to the public highway. Conditions were wet.


On a fall day in the Appalachians, a log truck driver was unbinding his load at a mill’s woodyard. The wood was loaded below the log trailer standards, and the driver released the tension on the tiedown straps and unhooked the flat hooks.

Log A Load For Kids® raised over $1.7 million in 2010, despite the hard times. Here’s how individual states stacked up in raising funds for CMN Hospitals last year.

The Log A Load For Kids® program is a fundraising campaign that began informally in 1988 in South Carolina to benefit hospitals affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals), all of which are 501(c)3 organizations and pledge to provide services to their patients regardless of ability to pay.

Congratulations to Chris Fossitt from California, Kentucky on winning the first ever “Big Buck Contest.”

Minnesota Log A Load For Kids®, a Children’s Miracle Network sponsor, recently held its 14th annual golf tournament at Pokegama Golf Course, benefiting Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

A Word from National Log A Load® Chairwoman, Lisa Medici

As we shovel out of winter into spring, we see new beginnings and blessings of new growth blooming all around us!

William B. Stuart & Laura A. Grace - Department of Forestry Mississippi State University

The Logging Cost Index is a 20-year long study gathering the actual costs and productivity of a stable set of logging contractors in the Eastern United States, begun at Virginia Tech and now housed at Mississippi State, with support from the Wood Supply Research Institute.

“The Fly-In”  Not being a fan of suits, cities, or politicians, I was outside my comfort zone when it came time for FRA’s Fly-In to lobby Congress this past March 17.

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